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Lemongrass Sass Herbal Edition

Lemongrass Sass Herbal Edition

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Lemongrass Sass Herbal is a natural wellness product made from a unique blend of lemongrass and ginger.  An ideal choice for those looking for natural health solutions when under the weather. This is an excellent tea to have on deck for sick times!

* Main Ingredients- Lemongrass, licorice root, calendula, lemon verbena, Ginger,Cardamom, cinnamon, Muellein Leaf

*Aroma- Robust spice with a strong ginger note

*Appearance- golden Yellow

*Taste- Our most robust and flavor packed tea. Spiced ginger, lemony goodness

*Steeping Notes- Heat to 175*F,Steep for 4-6 minutes Caffeine level-0 (scale of 0-5)

*Serving size- 1 heaping teaspoon per 8 oz of water

*Condiments -Honey, Agace Nectar, Sugar

*Suggestions- add whiskey or your favorite alcohol for a hot toddy

Small-30 servings

Large-50 servings

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